Rehabilitation Services

Asher Shikom is a market leader in Rehabilitation Services since 1945.

For 7 decades, Asher Shikom specializes in water damage restoration, fire and soot damage restoration, flood pumping, underfloor drying, water leak detection, plumbing services, mold cleaning, building restoration and in the field of cleaning and restoring carpets, clothing, upholstery, mattresses and curtains after flooding.

Through a combination of innovative technology and a wealth of professional experience, we repair, clean and renovate items damaged by water, flooding, dampness and mold.

All stages of repair required for rugs are performed in our facility, including the reupholstering of cloth or leather furniture damaged by flooding, mold, rot or distortion.

We specialize in restoration, separation of colors and rehabilitation of rugs after being damaged including the running of colors. We perform cleaning and anti-bacterial disinfecting of all damaged items according to the type of item and type of material in order to maintain the original fabric of the furniture and upholstery.

Each and every item undergoes a process including categorization, counting and registration upon its arrival at the facility.

In the final stages, the clothing is ironed and returned on hangers clean, and with a wonderfully fresh fragrance. Furniture is packed in sealed crates and shipped to you like new, with no signs of the damage it previously sustained.

Our damage rehabilitation services include service plus shipping, and a full warranty for all items from the moment we arrive at the customer's home until the items are returned.

For any problem that may arise – we are here to help! Rehabilitation of flood or fire damage can and should be performed by a professional company with rich, varied experience, equipped with the most advanced technology in its field.

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